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Youtube Thumbnail Cyrcle

Cyrcle Interview about Woodkid mural collab in Hollywood

Artists, Rabi and Davey, from Cyrcle talk about their mural collaboration with video director, Woodkid. Based on Woodkid’s video “Run Boy Run” , the huge mural stands on Santa Monica & Seward in front of ...


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Hueman Interview at RITUAL Show

Artist, Hueman aka Allison Torneros, talks to LA CANVAS about her show, RITUAL, this past summer in Downtown LA at Think Tank Gallery.

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Art and Politics with Plastic Jesus

Plastic Jesus talks with LA Street Art Gallery at his show at the Jarritos Pop Up in Hollywood.



  Billboard Bandits: Outlaw Artists in The Sky by Adam Clark is an in-depth look into the rich history of billboard bombing and art. With visceral anecdotes told by legendary writers such as Krenz and Augor, and raw interv...

130626_Alec Monopoly

Alec Monopoly Solo Show Video Recap

Here’s a quick little recap of Alex Monopoly’s Solo show at LAB Art on La Brea in Hollywood.


Odds and Ends-A day in Wondrous Waste

Spending your day in an alley doesn’t sound too enticing but when one receives a phone call from a friend with an invite to come shoot some amazing artists paint a legal wall, one does not pass up that opportunity. This a...

Youtube Thumbnail_La Pandilla

A Day in Venice with La Pandilla

Puerto Rican Street Artist, La Pandilla, visits Venice Beach to paint a mural on Abbot Kinney at the Roosterfish.  In town for the Back Alley show by LA Street Art Gallery and Do Art Foundation, La Pandilla talks about his pai...

Skill UTI

Photo Essay: Skill UTI Burning Walls In West Los Angeles.

Los Angeles graffiti and culture is a movement ever changing and growing in unison with the city, from vibrant colors to perfectly structured architecture. Behind the city’s art and design is a life that drives LA’s...

The Forest Lawn

Process Art with THEFL

Process Artist, The Forest Lawn aka THEFL, talks about how he creates his pieces and finds inspiration in the world around him. LA Street Art Gallery was able to capture TheFL as he paints a wall in Downtown LA, showing the wor...



Benjamin Alejandro: Mugshot

Benjamin Alejandro, an emerging Contemporary Artist, proves through his work that the streets have not just been his choice of canvas, but his schooling and inspiration. He is known for wheat-pasting his own Los Angeles Police ...

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