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calder greenwood

Calder Greenwood is “The Cardboard Artist”: A Short Film (Stream Available)

“The Cardboard Artist” is a short docu-film created by The Rolodex and Two-Ninety Films featuring Calder Greenwood, an LA based street artist who creates elaborate cardboard and paper mache installations. The film r...


free humanity

Free Humanity: Star Wars Street Art in LA

Photos taken from LAWeekly, Kieth Plocek Artist Highlight: Free Humanity Free Humanity is no stranger to the world of street art. Colorful depictions of Audrey Hepburn and Frida Kahlo can be seen throughout the city of Los Ange...

Skid Robot

Video: Frank 151 Chats With Skid Robot

this article originally appeared on Frank151 We’ve had site contributors and collaborators, editorial interns and writers, but for the first time ever we’re featuring our first video columnist. Already a YouTube notable, JJ...


Artist and Bgirl LADIE ONE talks about her time on Oxygen’s STREET ART THROWDOWN & her new NoHo Art Walls project

Ladie One is a prolific artist and dancer who is a contestant on the Oxygen TV show, STREET ART THROWDOWN. In this video, she talks about how the show helped her expand her artform. She also discusses the similarities between b...

karlos marquez

Graffiti Legend, Karlos Marquez Rediscovers His Passion For Graffiti Art (Video)

Karlos Marquez from John Wikstrom on Vimeo. Taken from John Wikstrom’s Vimeo page Watch this amazing video as Graffiti pioneer Karlos Marquez details how he took his work from the streets of Los Angeles to its living room...


Village Voice Exclusive: An Interview With Banksy

“Confidential.” That was the beguiling subject of an e-mail seemingly randomly addressed to the Village Voice in mid-September. “I represent the artist Banksy,” the message began, “and I would l...

Cre8 painting 4-09 copy

LA Graff History with Cre8

Los Angeles Graffiti legend, King Cre8, talks about his life as an artist, the history of LA graffiti, and his thoughts on today’s street art culture.

The Forest Lawn

Process Art with THEFL

Process Artist, The Forest Lawn aka THEFL, talks about how he creates his pieces and finds inspiration in the world around him. LA Street Art Gallery was able to capture TheFL as he paints a wall in Downtown LA, showing the wor...

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