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Scharf, Culver City 1

Meet the “Grandfather” of Street Art

this article was originally posted by KCET Street art and murals in Southern California seem to grow like weeds these days. Both legal and illegal works are increasingly facilitated and continue to attract visitors from around ...



Banksy’s Dismaland Will Be Turned Into Shelter for Migrants

this article was originally posted by Nick Thompson, CNN London (CNN)Banksy’s Dismaland, the “most disappointing” theme park in Britain, will be broken down and turned into shelters for migrants in France, th...

Itanbul Mural in Progress by Kristy Sandoval - Photo Courtesy from KCET

Trading Places: Turkish and American Street Artists Celebrate Cultural Exchange

(Above is a mural in progress in Istanbul by Kristy Sandoval – Image courtesy from KCET) This article originally appeared on KCET, written by G. James Daichendt A cross-cultural exchange that bypasses politics and interna...

pow wow long beach

Long Beach Transforms Into A Canvas for Street Art Thanks to POW! WOW!

this article originally appeared on Forbes. Over at the Varden Hotel in Long Beach, California, a psychedelic, monochrome mural by artist James Jean and the colorful mural of a line of people filled with colorful graphics by ...

saint snowden

Eclaire Bandersnatch: The Snowden Age Street Artist

this article originally appeared on, written by Annalee Newitz Walk pretty much anywhere in San Francisco’s SoMa, Haight or Mission neighborhoods, and you’ll see one of Eclair Bandersnatch’s glittery stencils,...


Could Graffiti Blooming in LA Mean Something?

This article was originally posted on LAWeekly If you’ve noticed a lot of graffiti on city streets between the Westside and downtown, you’re not alone. The Los Angeles Office of Community Beautification reports that...

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Video on Street Artist SICKID!

Los Angeles based Street Artist SICKID Wheat pasting in West Hollywood. Notorious for his gruesome art and iconic “Sick Kid” Eye-popping face; This street artist is one of the most recognized figures in the LA Stree...


Artist and Bgirl LADIE ONE talks about her time on Oxygen’s STREET ART THROWDOWN & her new NoHo Art Walls project

Ladie One is a prolific artist and dancer who is a contestant on the Oxygen TV show, STREET ART THROWDOWN. In this video, she talks about how the show helped her expand her artform. She also discusses the similarities between b...

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Beyond Brutal Presents: SICKID’s Hollywood Rooftop (video)

LA Based street artist SICKID gets down on a rooftop in Hollywood Watch Beyond Brutal record SICKID’s artistic routine as his daring art work is that of raw talent and guts to do buildings in broad daylight Check out Beyo...



Interview With Justin Bua by LA STREET ART GALLERY

Article and Interview by Mitchel Dumlao Yesterday, I had the pleasure to speak with one of my favorite artists, Justin Bua, whose iconic works capture the youthful energy and dynamic style of Hip Hop – a culture that’s been...

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