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Artist El Mac

Artists on the Move Converge Phoenix Street Art x LA Street Art

this post was originally posted by Cronkite News LOS ANGELES — When Los Angeles street art photographer Eriberto Oriol and his wife, Angelica Gonzalez-Oriol, traveled through Arizona, they’ve noticed a trend: Street art in...


haunted euth

Support TS Claire and Her Rally Against Cancer (GoFundMe)

The close friend and artistic partner of TS Claire, Derick Seltzer (Haunted Euth), has reached out to LASAG to spread support among our readers and followers. We hope that our readers will be able to donate in any way that they...


LA Street Artist, Man One, Preserves The Local History of Street Art

this article was originally posted by on Jan 27 2016 LOS ANGELES — Just east of the LA River runs Mission Road, an industrial street crammed with auto body shops and salvage operations. I’m biking, and wh...


Chagall, Matisse, Haring Art Stolen

Article was originally written by the LAWeekly Here’s a pro tip: If you have a quarter-million dollars worth of Chagall, Matisse and Keith Haring art stuffed in a trailer, try not to park it on a Los Angeles street and l...

behind the wall feature

New Mural Lookout 2016: BEHIND THE WALL, for the Smile South Central project

“Behind the Wall” created by Dourone is the new mural gracing South Central. This project was supported by Adam Ayala for the Smile South Central project. The initiative of the project is to beautify the area south ...

calder greenwood

Calder Greenwood is “The Cardboard Artist”: A Short Film (Stream Available)

“The Cardboard Artist” is a short docu-film created by The Rolodex and Two-Ninety Films featuring Calder Greenwood, an LA based street artist who creates elaborate cardboard and paper mache installations. The film r...

Photo taken by Jay Kantor |

DOURONE: “Welcome Adan, you are the key” at the Gabba Gallery

“Welcome Adan, you are the key” is the name of the new mural by Dourone in progress that will grace the Gabba Gallery in Echo Park, LA, for the Animal Alley Project. This project is curated by Jason Ostro.   &n...

shepard fairey

Shepard Fairey Feels the Bern

this article was originally posted on LAWeekly; PHOTO: DETROIT NEWS/ASSOCIATED PRESS The man whose art symbolized the political ascension of Barack Obama is not backing the president’s onetime Secretary of State, Hillar...


Turning Blight Into Bright: L.A. Alleys Turn Into Outdoor Galleries

Article was originally written by Deborah Vankin, from the LA Times; featured image: The Spanish-French duo known as Dourone created a black-and-white portrait of a face staring from infinity as part of L.A. artist Jason Ostro&...

free humanity

Free Humanity: Star Wars Street Art in LA

Photos taken from LAWeekly, Kieth Plocek Artist Highlight: Free Humanity Free Humanity is no stranger to the world of street art. Colorful depictions of Audrey Hepburn and Frida Kahlo can be seen throughout the city of Los Ange...

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