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Santa Monica’s Street Art Off the I-10 Adds to the Selfie Movement

this article originally appeared on the LA Times The museum selfie may be having a moment — and not surprisingly, so is the street-art selfie. Artist Gus Harper’s “The Minor Identity Crisis Mural” went up last week in...


Skid Robot

Video: Frank 151 Chats With Skid Robot

this article originally appeared on Frank151 We’ve had site contributors and collaborators, editorial interns and writers, but for the first time ever we’re featuring our first video columnist. Already a YouTube notable, JJ...

welcom to dismaland

The Banksy Effect: Street Art Take Over Weston as Rivals’ Works Appear

this article was originally posted on UKYahoo Banksy’s “Dismaland” may be the main attraction in Somerset this summer. But two other rival street artists are also making their mark in the seaside resort of Weston-super-Ma...

dismaland trailer

Video: Banksy Releases His “Dismaland” Trailer

Earlier today, the most talked about street artist, Banksy, released a trailer video for his newly opened theme park, “Dismaland Bemusement Park.” As the trailer shows a traditional family’s day out, we see Ba...

pow wow long beach

Long Beach Transforms Into A Canvas for Street Art Thanks to POW! WOW!

this article originally appeared on Forbes. Over at the Varden Hotel in Long Beach, California, a psychedelic, monochrome mural by artist James Jean and the colorful mural of a line of people filled with colorful graphics by ...



Morley Answers LA Street Art Gallery

A couple years ago, LA Street Art Gallery sent out questionnaires for street art artists to fill out to help us get to know a little bit about them. One of the responses we received was from LA based street artist, Morley. You ...

art theif

Street Artist Stik Shares With the Guardian: “I felt invisible and it was my way of showing I’m here”

Interview originally posted by TheGaurdian ‘This piece is called Art Thief,” says the street artist known as Stik. It’s a searingly hot day in Shoreditch, east London, and we’re standing outside his old studio on Pitfi...

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Watch JR Install a Large-Scale Mural for the Manhattan Condo Project (Video)

this article was originally written by CURBED. French street artist JR just completed a huge installation at 100 Franklin Street, the site where DDG is planning a high-end condo development. According to DDG, the installa...

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The Street Art House: Aug 26th – Sept 2

The Street Art House attempts to raise awareness for public art and the need for artists to express themselves in the urban art scene. This inaugural group show explores street art and its evolution, as well as, its influence o...


Paige Smith collage

Paige Smith at Smashbox Studios (Aug 6th)

LA based artist Paige Smtih AKA A Common Name is most notable for creating the “Urban Geode,” a street art series of structures that resemble geodes made entirely of resin and resin casts. Join LA Street Art Galler...