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Huge Matchsticks in LA

The oversized matchstick on Sunset Boulevard in Silver Lake leans against a yarn-bombed and sticker-covered bike rack. It’s taller than a lot of people, thin and painted white. A red piece of glittery fabric is stuffed to...



White Buffalo Interview

Check out our latest artist interview on LA Street Art Gallery’s Youtube channel with White Buffalo! Don’t forget to Subscribe and Share!


Do Art Foundation Mural in Little Tokyo

Our friends at the Do Art Foundation teamed up with artists Bicicleta Sem Freio and DevNGosha to create an incredibly beautiful mural in downtown LA. Check out the pictures below!


New Street Art Map!

Ever have a friend ask you, where’s that mural? Where’s that piece? Now with detailed pin points, LA Street Art is at your fingertips! if you wish to contribute, please feel free to email pics and locations to info@...


Street Art Project App

The Street Art Project app, designed by Vassilios Alexiou, relies on geo-location technology, allowing artists to snap an image of the building they wish to apply their art on, which is assigned a geo-tag on an interactive map....


Cairo artists take creative energy to the streets

Street art has existed in Cairo before the revolution, albeit furtive and hardly visible. Graffiti or posters would pop up on some streets, but they usually soon disappeared, painted over or torn up. Street artists were chased ...

The Incredulity of Saint Thomas, Remix" by Rahmaan Statik

Spray-can art in the birthplace of Grafitti Blasters

Rahmaan Barnes was 13 when he got into graffiti. He went from drawing comic books and airbrushing T-shirts to making magic with a spray can, the city his canvas. Then the law took notice. “At 17, I was caught with a few f...


Complex Projections for Street Art in 2014

With the ever-growing Internet, what was once an artform governed by the rails of the MTA is now one universal “global track.” Termed by writer Nicer or Tats Cru and utilized in RJ Rushmore’s eponymous Virtual Art, the i...


Jay Shells Posts Famous Rap Quotes Around LA

New York art blog ANIMAL followed Shells as he cruised along the palm tree-lined streets of the Pacific coast city, placing his bright orange signs along the way. The declarations display quotes from famous hip hop artists li...



CNN Instagram challenge

(CNN) – We often walk past them without a second thought, but most murals tell a story about the communities in which they live. And yet, as features of our public spaces, they mean something different to each of us when...