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Street Artist, Sabo Talks About Ted Cruz And Being The “Only Conservative Street Artist in LA”

this article originally appeared on TheSurge, on March 31st 2014 Daily Surge caught up with street artist Sabo, the man behind the famous Ted Cruz “Blacklisted and Loving It Tour” poster. “I find it hard to believe that 2...


anti bullying

Anti-Bullying Mural Reminds Middle School Students the Importance of Kindness

Mural is located at LA Bridges-Sutter Middle School with a message that says, “One small act of Kindness could change a person’s life forever” Gretta Kruesi — Artist, Pro Kitesurfer, and Entrepreneur. Sh...


Artist and Bgirl LADIE ONE talks about her time on Oxygen’s STREET ART THROWDOWN & her new NoHo Art Walls project

Ladie One is a prolific artist and dancer who is a contestant on the Oxygen TV show, STREET ART THROWDOWN. In this video, she talks about how the show helped her expand her artform. She also discusses the similarities between b...


LA Street Art Gallery’s Fan Favorites of February

Here are the top pieces of LA Street Art decided by our audience’s “Likes” from our LA Street Art Gallery Facebook page! 6. “More Work” by DOT DOT DOT 5. “A Graceful Spirit And An Artful Hear...

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Beyond Brutal Presents: SICKID’s Hollywood Rooftop (video)

LA Based street artist SICKID gets down on a rooftop in Hollywood Watch Beyond Brutal record SICKID’s artistic routine as his daring art work is that of raw talent and guts to do buildings in broad daylight Check out Beyo...


Photo by Mike Koozmin - SFW-StreetArt-12th Street Owl

Know Your Street Art: “Some Things Never Change”

this article originally appeared on SFWeekly In the last five years, the number of street artists who draw owls or have “owl” in their name has multiplied considerably. So it’s not surprising that, around 2013...


Street Artist, André, Tags Up Joshua Tree National Park

this article originally appeared on LAist Street art can be cool (your mileage may vary), but let’s try to keep that in the streets and urban spaces? After Casey Nocket traveled throughout the West to deface several na...

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Art and Seeking Announces Partnership With LA Street Art Gallery (Video)

Art and Seeking (A&S) announced today its partnership with the LA Street Art Gallery (LASAG). Both companies share a passion for street art and sharing the art with the public. LA Street Art Gallery is working on creating m...


Toy Art Gallery Presents: DICHOTOMY

Toy Art Gallery is proud to present “DICHOTOMY”, a Doublethink Group Show. 40+ artists channel their inner undead doppelganger and customize the DOUBLETHINK soft vinyl figure created and sculpted by Takahiro Komuro (TKOM) a...


SABO erects tributes to murdered Jordanian pilot around L.A.

this article originally appeared on How many left-wing, self-styled human rights crusaders in Hollywood do you think remember who Jordanian pilot Moaz al-Kasasbeh is, how he died, and who killed him?   THIS IS ...