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Street Artist, Blu Takes Over An Old Military Bunker. See What Happens.

this article originally appeared on HuffingtonPost Blu is the pseudonymous name of a popular Italian street artist who’s been working around the globe since 1999. He began in Bologna, Italy and has since seen his designs ...


Femme Fierce All Female Street Artist Team Set Guiness World Record For Largest Mural

this article originally appeared on The Independent (UK) on March 10th, 2014 A female street art collective has set a new Guinness World Record to create the largest spray-painted mural by multiple artists. Over 100 internation...

zalez art

Parisian Street Artist, Zalez, Leaves His Art As He Tours LA and SD (Video)

Parisian street artist, Zalez, tours the West Coast as he leaves behind his art throughout Los Angeles and San Diego. Watch his road trip in his short movie, “West is yours,” You can like his facebook page “We...

usc political street art

The Value of Politically Charged Art

this article originally appeared on the DailyTrojan Street art posters labeling U.S. Representative Maxine Waters as a “poverty pimp” sparked controversy in the communities of California’s 43rd District impacted by the si...

fintan magee featured image

Australian Street Artist, Fintan Magee, Visits Culver City And Leaves His Beautiful Art (Video)

This past June, Fintan Magee came over to LA and painted two murals. Watch Magee’s eight days of painting in two minutes, as documented by Holly Gable-Port. Special thanks to Dan O’Brien for curating this



Banksy Could Be (Possibly) A Woman

this article originally appeared on The Atlantic: City Lab written by Kriston Capps The world’s foremost street artist is a social justice warrior and a viral media master. She could be anyone. Banksy Does New York, a ...


The “Poverty Pimp” Posters of Maxine Waters Riles Things Up A Bit

this article originally appeared on LAWeekly Street art posters describing L.A. area U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters as a “poverty pimp” have raised the ire of some in the African American community. Earl Ofari Hutchinson, ...


LA Street Artists Campaigns for Governor Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown – “If It’s Brown Flush It Down”

L.A. street artists hit Governor Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown a day before the election. The photos show a cross-eyed Brown as if looking up from a toilet bowl filled with bullet trains. The artists have hit targets in Michigan,...


National Parks and Street Art– Is it Vandalism?

this article originally appeared on News.ArtNet.Com Graffiti isn’t just for the urban landscape anymore: a young woman named Casey Nocket has been crisscrossing our nation, leaving her mark in the form of paintings signed...

karlos marquez

Graffiti Legend, Karlos Marquez Rediscovers His Passion For Graffiti Art (Video)

Karlos Marquez from John Wikstrom on Vimeo. Taken from John Wikstrom’s Vimeo page Watch this amazing video as Graffiti pioneer Karlos Marquez details how he took his work from the streets of Los Angeles to its living room...