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When Banksy’s ‘Flower Girl’ was just a Hollywood wallflower

Hollywood gas station employee Chris Martinez said Wednesday that he didn’t realize he had been working in the presence of a work of art that could fetch as much as $300,000 at an upcoming auction in Los Angeles.”I ...

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Art and Politics with Plastic Jesus

Plastic Jesus talks with LA Street Art Gallery at his show at the Jarritos Pop Up in Hollywood.

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The Street Artists of Brazil

Nunca and Os Gêmeos are among the most famous practitioners of Brazilian street art: their work, which can now be found in cities all over the world, received a kind of institutional seal of approval when the Tate Modern put o...


Street Art Only Reveals Itself At Night

Street artist Above put this theory to the test with a clever work of art in London that can only be fully realized at night. According to DesignTaxi it took the artist seven months to find the perfect site for his time-cha...


“Graffiti Site Specific” for Architettura in città 2013

Within the 2013 edition of “Architettura in Città“ we presented our “Graffiti Site Specific” project, a 300 sqm stand designed by Ctrl-Arch Architettura where “Truly Design takes the visitor on a trip within the th...


Street Artist Makes Abandoned Psych Hospital Even Creepier

Occasionally a work of art is so powerful it gives you goosebumps. And sometimes these artworks are located in the already terrifying confines of abandoned psychiatric hospitals.For a project entitled “1,000 Shadows,̶...


When Neglected Buildings Become Art Projects

If you’ve ever spotted surreal street art featuring 1950s pin-up models with kitten heads, chances are it’s the work of Macarena “Macay” Yañez. The Chilean artist has spent a good portion of the last...


Street Art Final Shots From Rochester

Diagnosis One: America’s deflated rustbelt cities can expect a deteriorated dust bowl demeanor until bankruptcy, followed by tumbleweeds. Diagnosis Two: Street Art and graffiti are inextricably entwined with and contri...


Monthly Mural Wrap: A Dozen Tags for July, 2013

As we wait for the proposed mural ordinance to reach City Council August 20, let’s have a look at what else has been happening with murals, public art, and street art in July of 2013. LA Street Art Gallery has a photo by...



Banksy Mural Removed: ‘No Ball Games’ Cut From Tottenham Wall

A well-known mural by street artist extraordinaire Banksy has gone missing in Tottenham this week. That’s right, another one of the cheeky graffitist’s works, titled “No Balls Game,” has been cut out and...