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Hueman Interview at RITUAL Show

Artist, Hueman aka Allison Torneros, talks to LA CANVAS about her show, RITUAL, this past summer in Downtown LA at Think Tank Gallery.


Banksy Sells Near-Priceless Artwork On NYC Street For $60

The phrase “Art is everywhere” is commonly thrown around, and controversial street artist Banksy did his best to prove this point this week in New York. After leaving his mark all over the city with different pieces of p...


Street Art and Activism With ‘The Slumlord Project’

In a twist on the Broken Windows Theory, street artists are using their skills to combat urban blight in Baltimore with “The Slumlord Project”. By drawing the attention of neighbors to abandoned and vacant properti...

10-storey building slated to be demolished is decorated inside and out by street artists, Paris, France - 30 Sep 2013

Derelict Building Transformed In Paris

Buildings destined for the wrecking ball usually become forgotten shells, but art gallery owner Mehdi Ben Cheikh saw the walls and stairwells of a 10-storey derelict apartment block in Paris as an opportunity – an enormou...


Village Voice Exclusive: An Interview With Banksy

“Confidential.” That was the beguiling subject of an e-mail seemingly randomly addressed to the Village Voice in mid-September. “I represent the artist Banksy,” the message began, “and I would l...



BATTLE: Estria Foundation

PRISM: Urban Art and Culture Festival The Estria Foundation will sponsor 2 weeks of cultural happenings and curated events for the community of Oakland and beyond.   September 28 – October 12, 2013 &...


The World Of African Street Art

Street art has forever been a vibrant tool of personal expression manifesting in a variety of unique ways. In Africa it comes in the form of beautifully painted shop fronts, alternative methods of political campaigning and stri...


Street Art in Front of UN Calls for Peace Talks

Talk of weapons, chemical or otherwise, dominated this year’s UN General Assembly. World leaders are now closer to a resolution on how to manage a safe and speedy removal of Syria’s chemical weapons stockpile, momen...


Los Angeles Just Got A New Banksy Mural

The UK-based street artist has descended upon California this week, bringing his signature brand of political satire and a few cans of black spray paint with him. The result is the mural picture above, called “Better Out ...


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Street Art Rugs: An Interview with Ginna Christensen

Have you ever wanted a Retna or Shepard Fairey piece on a rug to put in your home? Well Ginna Christensen is making your wish come true with her new line of rugs that are street art designed and inspired by today’s leadin...