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Berlin Street Art

Graffiti has been a defining characteristic of Berlin since the 1980s, but it’s over the last decade that Berlin has emerged as one of the top street art destinations in the world. Everywhere you look—from the sides of bu...



Street Art Tile ‘Invasion’ of New York

A veteran of the global street art scene over the last decade and a half, his signature porcelain works inspired by the 8-bit graphics of the early video games have been spread throughout cities worldwide. When we spoke to him ...


A Global Look at Graffiti and Street Art

Rafael Schacter holds a Ph.D, but as his twitter profile warns, it is “useless in an airplane-based emergency.” However, as an anthropologist, he may reveal that international graffiti and street artists are a con...


Banksy’s NYC street art: Trashed or very quickly treasured

Every day this month, Banksy has been unveiling new works of art around New York. The works are then announced on his website and posted to Instagram. Many of the surprise exhibits follow his signature street-art style: stencil...


KCET: Professor of Street Art Takes a Look at Shepard Fairey

The impetus of the text began when I was doing research for my last book “Stay Up! Los Angeles Street Art.” While I knew Fairey to be a polarizing figure because of his success, I was surprised how many street artis...



Banksy’s Great Disappearing Act

These were among the many rumors on the Internet on October 23, when the British graffiti artist Banksy interrupted his month-long residency in New York with an ominous message on his website: “Today’s art has been cancelle...

La ComŽdie de Saint ƒtienne, saison 2013 /2014.

Street Art Optical Illusions

Why should an artist scavenge for empty canvases when the walls of abandoned buildings are calling their names? This is the mantra that guides French artists Ella and Pitr. Living and working in Saint-Étienne — what the...



Dear Banksy, Hey dude, I heard you were gonna Art all over LA again. That’s cool, man. Or, hey, maybe you’re not even planning on coming back here, and all this #buzz is just a hoax perpetrated by a phalanx of tech-snobs fr...

Youtube Thumbnail Cyrcle

Cyrcle Interview about Woodkid mural collab in Hollywood

Artists, Rabi and Davey, from Cyrcle talk about their mural collaboration with video director, Woodkid. Based on Woodkid’s video “Run Boy Run” , the huge mural stands on Santa Monica & Seward in front of ...


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Hueman Interview at RITUAL Show

Artist, Hueman aka Allison Torneros, talks to LA CANVAS about her show, RITUAL, this past summer in Downtown LA at Think Tank Gallery.