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Mental Floss: 14 Street Art Terms—Illustrated!

Street art has gone mainstream. Artists who started in the street now show in museums and galleries (rather than on them), and their stencils or posters can be worth millions. Cameras watch to catch not bombers putting up tags ...



Women street artists are focus of upcoming LALA exhibit

The competitive, often territorial world of street art has long been male-dominated. Increasingly, however, women artists are adding a distinct sensibility to the street art scene that, in Los Angeles and other cities, includes...


Downtown L.A.’s Daniel Lahoda draws praise, controversy

Fresh paint on the cement wall of an industrial warehouse space across from Handsome Coffee Roasters reveals two sides of Los Angeles’ downtown Arts District. Graffiti tags cover one half of the wall; the other has just b...

Artist David Choe, who painted murals at the headquarters of

Street Artist David Choe Claims He Hid $10,000 Around Detroit

Detroit is a city that could use a few extra bucks. At least, David Choe seems to think so. On Sunday, the Los Angeles-based graffiti artist told his Twitter and Facebook followers he had hidden $10,000 around the city, dollar ...


Joe Caslin, Street Art Portraiture

When you take a step back to observe some of the personal campaigns that Street Artists have launched over the last decade or so, it begins to come into focus that in many ways people are trying to reclaim the public sphere for...


130626_Alec Monopoly

Alec Monopoly Solo Show Video Recap

Here’s a quick little recap of Alex Monopoly’s Solo show at LAB Art on La Brea in Hollywood.


TAP: The Unstoppable Ascendency of Street Art

When describing the origins of street art, it’s difficult to know where to begin. Seymour Rosen’s book In Celebration of Ourselves (1979) chronicled folk-art environments, handmade signage, and gang communications on wall...


Iran’s valiant graffiti heroes

Graffiti has become a new voice for Iran’s youth. Your Middle East has met two acclaimed young Iranian stencil artists who are using street art to deal with themes such as peace, war, love, hate, hope, despair, human rights a...


LAist Interview: Hanksy

As you may have heard—or seen—the New York-based street “fartest” Hanksy is in town prepping for his West Coast debut show that opens at Gallery1988 tomorrow night (May 24). The secretive artist, who got his...



Chris Brown’s Art: The L.A. Weekly Review

Street art is a commentary on the nature of ownership, and the push-pull between public and private property. Using the city as a stolen canvas is in and of itself an artistic statement that art hemmed into the confines of a ga...