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LA Times – “Scratch,” which opens to the public Sunday Jun 8 – Sept 16 2014, is organized by ESMoA and the GettyResearch Institute (GRI), and brings together a selection of rare books from the Getty’s collection —  many of which date to the 16th century — in a room that is drenched in graffiti murals.

The concept for the exhibition was actually born last year, when Ed Sweeney, a prominent collector of graffiti art in Los Angeles, approached the Getty Research Institute about doing something graffiti-related. David Brafman, a rare books curator at the Getty Research Institute, along with assistant curator Lisa Cambier, then took it on, helping to put together an art book that featured original works by an estimated 150 L.A. graffiti artists.

The project married the idea of the graffiti black book (the notebooks in which graffiti writers work out their designs) with the “Liber Amicorum,” a Renaissance-era tradition in which different members of European nobility would paint their crests into each other’s blank books. Liber Amicorum means, literally, “book of friends.”

Seeing a link between these historic books of emblems and the iconographic symbols employed by graffiti artists, Brafman invited a number of L.A. graffiti artists to the Getty to look at vintage books.Graffiti artists create works using the same techniques any other artist would … They are designing emblems, they are working with perspective, they are employing calligraphy.- David Brafman, Getty Research Institute

That meeting spurred the creation of a one-off original book — the “L.A. Liber Amicorum” — which features original drawings from dozens of Southern California graffiti artists and now resides in the Getty’s collection.

The concept behind the L.A. Liber Amicorum (which was not without controversy when it was launched) is the basis of the ESMoA exhibition. “Scratch” features various vitrines of rare books, including a book on perspectiveby Dürer that dates back to 1525, an actual liber amicorum that belonged to an ambassador to the Ottoman Empire, and a tome devoted to proportion that includes woodblock prints designed by Leonardo da Vinci.

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