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130220_LA Pandilla


Indeed. Your favorite local neighborhood is receiving a new mural on one of the most recognized establishments along Abbot Kinney. Puerto Rican public muralist and artist Alexis Diaz (aka La Pandilla) has painted a mural on the 35-year-old institution, the Roosterfish bar. An extension of the exhibition held downtown at the GR Works gallery entitled “Back Alley,” this mural was facilitated by the Do Art Foundation and Pilar Castillo of SPARC. A young artist, Diaz is making big waves in the urban art community through curating the internationally acclaimed mural festival in San Juan titled Los Muros Hablan in the month of December. His Abbot Kinney mural shows his focus on the fictitious evolution and cross-section of species, in this case a rooster, a fish and a bit of human. His attention to detail is aptly placed along the street, allowing the passersby the experience and access to appreciate the etched fine lines up-close. See the finalized mural in person while visiting the area.

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