Back Alley Brings Out Street Art’s Best

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Here’s another great article and coverage on our Back Alley Street Art Show:

Nothing quite measures up to the vibrant energy of Downtown Los Angeles. Every time I visit, something captures my attention–a man playing an instrument on the corner, a flashing sign advertising a new locale, and most importantly the many street art pieces created on concrete walls.

So when a gallery show focuses on the brave figures who make the city that much more colorful, you bet I show up with a camera in hand ready to see some great art. “Back Alley: A Celebration of Art in the Streets” presented by the DoArt Foundation and LA Street Art Gallery satiated my need for more street art Saturday night with art from some of the most talented figures in the scene. The space included everything from a cardboard installation–Calder‘s “Box House” – to a bicycle with a heart-shaped seat by Canlove. The interior included enough pieces that visitors could miss some if they only walked around the space once. I spotted work from many artists I’ve followed for CARTWHEEL–among them Cryptik, THEFL, and Shark Toof , (see “Related Posts,” below) but also discovered new names. Evan Mendelson and TEWSR especially caught by eye for their expert use of color and their captivating, beautifully rendered figures.

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