LA Street Artists at Nuart Festival

Posted December 24, 2012 by LA Street Art Gallery Staff in Features

In Stavanger, Norway, every September for the past 12 years, Nuart, one of the largest street art festivals in the world, transpires. Closeted in the beautiful Fijords, Stavanger is a quaint, oil-rich community with a high standard of living, sometimes making the list as most expensive in all of Europe. However, it is not easy to get to, rains 20 hours out of every day (at least in the fall) and has a zero tolerance law when it comes to tagging and graffiti. A perfect spot to host preeminent street art and its artists?

In full disclosure, I was generously invited to attend this year’s fest on Nuart’s dime. I was one of three American journalists present, and was eager to learn how they can pull off such an astounding opportunity for art in such a difficult place, while Los Angeles, former mural capital of the world, can’t get an appropriate mural ordinance passed.

The 2012 artists invited included L.A.’s own graf artist Saber, and a few locally recognizable names and styles: Eine, HowNosm, Ron English and PublicAdvertising’s Jordan Seiler, who, in addition to creating a clever ad takeover, premiered and tested his new augmented reality program at Nuart, which then launched at Miami’s ArtBasel. Also included this year were British troublemakers Mobstr and SickBoy, Aakash Nihalani (New York’s master of tape and perspective), Neils “Shoe” Meulman (the Netherlands’ legendary calligrapher), Dolk (Stavanger’s local graffiti artist) and the French environmental artist, the Wa.

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